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Saber Team Building

We are your one-stop team building solution for any corporate requirement, group size, budget and objectives! We offer the fun and unique event experiences for corporate team building!

Saber Birthday Party

Get ready for the Ultimate birthday party with us! We offer a variety of Saber Games suitable for the young and even adults.

Saber Family Events

Prepare to experience everything you need to run a successful and fun carnival/ family day!

Saber Corp. Fitness

Behold the world’s most fun and thrilling corporate fitness experience that promotes health and fitness in today's most demanding corporate culture

Saber Special Events

We specialise in offering fun and unique saber experiences for every type of situation! Our engaging games are suitable for both adults and kids!

Saber Instructor Career

Discover the Easiest Way To Quickly Build A Rewarding Private Practice Providing Light Saber Combat And Fitness Services...While Using The #1 Turnkey Light Saber Business Building System.

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