Sifu – Nick Benseman

Nick Benseman growing up around the film industry of Los Angeles, California found his love of movies and martial arts. Nick started at a young age studying the disciplines of martial arts. He studied…

  • Jun Fan Gung Fu,
  • Jeet Kune Do –
  • Dan Junod a private student of both Sifu Ted Wong and Sifu Jerry Poteet (Bruce Lee’s philosophy),
  • Wing Chun,
  • Tae Kwon Do,
  • Danzan-Ryū JuJutsu,
  • Judo,
  • Kenpō,
  • Hapkido,
  • Kajukenbo,
  • Kung Fu San Soo,
  • Capoeira and various other styles.

This led him to teaching Jeet Kune Do for several years.

Nick wanted to work with both of his passions. As a result, Nick went to school to learn acting. He worked hard to become a well-known professional Stunt Performer, Fight Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator, and Second Unit Director. Nick is well respected in the film industry.

One night while waiting for a response to work on a new film, The Peaceful Warrior (Nick) came across an ad Edward had posted to learn how to fight with a light saber. And being a Star Wars fan, Nick had to check it out. From there, Saberation was born.

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