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Our Goal Is To Sponsor 2020 Physical Literacy Scholarships Dedicated To Helping Kids Experiecne An Exciting, Active And Fun Lifestyle By Becoming An Active Member Of The Light Sword Martial Arts (LSMA) Family.

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Saberation Inc., Light Sword Martial Arts (LSMA) And The Masonic Ascent Association (MAA) Present...
The Saber Ignite Scholarship Program...

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Many popular youth activities, including playing video games, watching television and surfing the Internet, contribute to lifelong health issues such as Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The Saber Ignite Scholarship Program aims to help encourage children, teens and young adults to live healthier lifestyles and participate in sports in an effort to combat these problems, as well as promote teamwork and hard work.
Our belief is that if kids play sports, exercise and focus on education, they will make good choices and have healthy lives.

We furher utilize Light Sword Martial Arts to help build valuable skills in at-risk youths. These skills include conflict resolution, leadership and trauma relief.

As part of our onging committment to our local youth Saberation and LSMA are doing a Corportate Match Schorlarship Program.

Standard Tuition at the LSMA Academy is $195/month. However, during this Special 2020 Scholarship Campaign the LSMA will Match $100 for every $100 donated into the Scholarship Program.

Our Goal: 2020 Sponsored Scholarships
Target Amount: $202,000
Target Date: December 31, 2020
Saberation | Light Sword Martial Arts

What The Kids Recieve...

  • Enhanced Leaderhips Skills And Abilities
  • Increased Discipline
  • Raised Self Esteem
  • Full Month Of Light Sword Martial Arts Training
  • Full Month Of S.A.B.E.R. Leadership Academy
  • Full Month Access To Our Mental Awakening Training Sessions
  • ...And Much, Much More

What You Recieve...

  • Photos and Thank You Videos From The Child You Help To Sponsor
  • Progress Report On Their Training And Accomplishments
  • Monthly LSMA Newsletter
  • VIP Discounts To The Imperial Saber Pro Shop
  • Bonus Suprise Gift Worth Over $216

FAQ: Frequesntly Asked Questions

How does sponsorship help a child’s family or community?

When you sponsor a child, you lift a burden from an entire family. Parents are released from financial pressure as one of their children is guaranteed enrollment into our Light Sword Martial Arts Academy. What’s more, by empowering and believing in one child, you bring change to a family. Sponsored children share what they learn with their siblings and parents. We regularly hear stories of children teaching their parents and siblings the various techniques, skills and values they learn within our Academy.

Why should I choose Saber Ignite to sponsor a child?

We offer direct child sponsorship where you can make an immediate impact to the child you choose to sponsor today. Children are most vulnerable to the devastating effects of negative influences. Our holistic programme gives children support in every area of their lives: their minds, bodies and relationships.

How long will I be sponsoring for?

The length of time you’ll be sponsoring depends on the Sponsorship package you choose to support and empower.

We offer one time sponsorsip packages, monthly sponsorship packages and annual sponshorship packages.

We hope each child will have the same sponsor throughout the programe, but we understand that sometimes this just isn’t possible. Knowing sponsors’ circumstances can change, we offer a range of helpful options if your sponsorship donations become difficult to manage.
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