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Saberation | Light Sword Martial Arts
Saberation Nick Bensemen
Light Sword Matial Arts (LSMA) has created and promotes the ethical principles of S.A.B.E.R. (Security, Aptitude, Bravery, Ethics, and Resolve) inside the martial art as well as outside of the class room setting. It is our way of life.

The individuals and organizations that intend to teach, practice and promote LSMA, a coed Light Sword Martial Art, must support the ethical values, ethical principles, and ethical standards outlined here within the rules.

They shall promote healthy competitiveness, mutual trust, discipline, fair play, respect, control, care, safety, humility, honesty, bravery, compassion, sincerity, loyalty and devotion to our families, friends, and country.

They shall not discriminate by age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or socioeconomic status.
Saberation | Light Sword Martial Arts

How Do We Live? With Honor! By What Means? The S.A.B.E.R.

(Security, Aptitude, Bravery, Ethics, and Resolve)

Security: meaning the state of being free from danger or threat.

This is not only on the receiving end but also the giving.

As you learn new techniques, and skill sets, it is not only your responsibility but your obligation to insure both you and your teammates can practice and fight free from danger or threat.

Only then can we create a truly secure environment.
Aptitude: meaning the natural ability to “DO” and “BE”.

To embrace the fact that we can do and be whatever it is we decide. It is based on a decision. And with that decision is commitment.

Ones abilities as an athlete stems exclusively from the willingness to both be and do.

This willingness is the fuel that ignites what is already within.
Bravery: meaning the undeterred individual perseverance, regardless of setbacks.

It is not defined by reckless inconsiderate patterns of behavior, but rather an unmovable, unaltered, committed action spawned by desire.

The passion of such desire overshadows any obstacle thus acting like a magnet drawing one closer to such desire with definite purpose and an unwillingness to accept any interruption or distraction with regards to obtaining such desire no matter the appearance of insurmountable odds.
Ethics: meaning the individual application of our governing moral principles.

As applied here, it is ones willingness to physically and mentally embrace the agreed upon rules and regulations that outline and define our sport, our commitment, our goals, our believes, and our principles.
Resolve: meaning individual, unwavering intent.

Whereas bravery focused on desire and its relations to action, resolve focuses on desire and its relations to thought.

Even though one’s intention is manifested thru action, it is the decision to act upon thought which breathes life into intent. The degree of commitment given to decision determines the ability of that decision to be overcome.

The stronger the commitment, the stronger the decision. The stronger the decision, the stronger the focus. The stronger the focus, the stronger the intent. The stronger the intent, the stronger the resolve.
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Saberation | Light Sword Martial Arts
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Saberation | Light Sword Martial Arts
Our Adult Light Sword Martial Arts classes emphasize improving fitness, confidence and practical self-defense


Our Online Light Sword Martial Arts classes help everyone in the family build confidence, get fit and build togetherness.

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Saberation | Light Sword Martial Arts

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